Squadron – EN




The squadron

A squadron is a joint sailing where several boats or ships participate. It’s not a race, the goal is to try new routes and ports, as well as enjoy eachothers company!

Albanus’ squadron 2021 will start on July 14th in Turku. It is aimed at youths, mainly between 15 and 25 years of age.

The trip will go through the Åland and Turku archipelago, and take breaks where it fits the participating vessels. The goal is to sail as much as possible, and the overnight berthing options will be decided together with all participants.


14.7 Departure Turku, around 1000

Sailing in the Archipelago, taking breaks as desired

17.7 Arrival at Ålands Sjödagar (www.alandssjodagar.ax)
Vessels can berth for free in the Maritime Quarter.
No service fees will be charged.
The Captain’s Handbook for Ålands Sjödagar is available here: Maritime Quarter Captain’s Manual
20.7 The squadron departs the Maritime Quarter to start sailing around Åland.
The route is planned in the archipelago, but there will be options to sail in open waters if desired.
22.7 Arrival at Sail Åland 2021, Marieham West Harbour.
We will berth at Åländska Segelsällskapet’s marina on July 22nd.
The squadron will end here, but Sail Åland continues until the 25th.
The Captain’s Handbook for Sail Åland will be published on June 16th, and will be available here!
24.7 Albanus departs ÅSS in order to attend the launch of Segeljakten Alanta at 1500.
Alanta will be launched in the traditional manner in the Maritime Quarter, Mariehamn.